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🎮 Retrogaming kodi add-on repository for LibreELEC
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Gamestarter add-on repository


Retrogaming Kodi add-ons for LibreELEC (RPi2/3 & Generic x86_64)

Installation instructions

  • Download the repository zip file and transfer it to your device
  • Go to Kodi → Settings → System → Add-ons and enable Unknown sources
  • Go to Kodi → Add-ons → Install from zip file and select the downloaded .zip file
  • Go to Kodi → Add-ons → Download or Install from Repository and select the addons you want to install

Available add-ons

Additional info

  • RetroArch:

    • Before launching the addon, you can download full Lakka core package (RPi/Generic) in settings window.
    • You should copy your ROMs and BIOSes to default folder /storage/emulators/ via Samba or FTP.
    • After launching the addon you can enter RetroArch menu with default combo select + start in your gamepad or F1 in your keyboard. Then you can download/update cores from Libretro buildbot and other assets.
  • Advanced Emulator Launcher:

    • After installing this addon you should download AEL assets using RA's addon settings. Then, go to AEL settings → I/O → Import category/launcher configuration... and select the systems you want to import from default path (/storage/emulators/ael-assets).
    • After updating from a previous version you should go to AEL settings → I/O → Check/Update all databases....
  • EmulationStation:

    • Before launching the addon you can edit default roms path from addon settings (default: /storage/emulators/roms)
    • Also you can decide what core to use with each system editing the list in addon settings.
    • You will need to download needed RetroArch cores before using EmulationStation frontend.
    • If you get any issue using ES, please try to launch the same rom with the same emulator/libretro core using RetroArch addon.

Issues & Help

Please provide log files located in /storage/.kodi/temp.


  • Original RetroArch addon by mezo
  • EmulationStation compiled by escalade
  • Advanced Emulator Launcher "theme artworks" by tronkyfran

screenshot-repo Available add-ons installed in LibreELEC 8

screenshot-advemulauncher Advanced Emulator Launcher library in LibreELEC 8

screenshot-ESsettings EmulationStation add-on Settings

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