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Clojure SQL query logging
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A Clojure library for logging SQL queries and the time they took for Korma and

"example image of blackwater output"

Marginalia Documentation

Marginalia documentation


In Leiningen add:

"Leiningen version"

to your :dependencies.

Then, in your ns form:

[black.water.korma :refer [decorate-korma!]]
;; or if you use cjj
[black.water.jdbc :refer [decorate-cjj!]]

And invoke decorate-korma! or decorate-cjj! as appropriate. Thanks to technomancy's robert.hooke these operations are idempotent, but still marked with a ! because they ARE modifying c.j.j and Korma.

To disable the ANSI coloring, set *use-ansi* in the clansi ns to false.

To customize ANSI coloring, set time-color or sql-color in the black.water ns. By default they are :red and :green respectively, check clansi for valid color symbols.

Want custom logging behavior? Kinda getting outside the scope of this library (Korma and c.j.j have more typical logging facilities) but if you must:

[black.water.log :refer [log-fn set-logger!]]
(set-logger! (fn [sql millis] (println sql millis "WHOOOO")))


You need to init a sqlite test database named test.sql at the top level of the project.

sqlite3 test.sql
CREATE TABLE test_table(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY ASC, num, str);

Now your lein test should pass and you're ready to develop.


Note that the Korma functionality/logging is more likely to be comprehensive than c.j.j's because it has a cleaner and more uniform API. If you think this library is failing to log something for c.j.j, it probably is and I would request that you file a Github issue with bitemyapp/blackwater.


0.0.9 - Added support for DDL and db-do-commands in general, updated JDBC dependency.


Copyright © 2013 Chris Allen

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or any later version.

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