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bitExpert AG

Our pulse is cross-technology software development that beats with every line of code.

We are bitExpert

We know and live the project business. We support our customers with individual project consulting and trend-setting developments as well as IT-Support for the projects and products we develop. The basic principle for our solutions, products and services is innovation, quality, commitment and professionalism.

We support Open-Source

Besides using Open-Source solutions for our daily business we contribute to Open-Source projects and maintain our own set of Open-Source tools. Our employees can use their Learn&Grow time budget to contribute to any Open-Source project they like.

We support Community

We actively support the software development community. We help organize meetups like the PHP UG Frankfurt Meetup or the PHP UG Metrolpolregion Rhein-Neckar Meetup. We also like provide our office space for local meetup gatherings and had a lot of fun hosting the PHPUnit Code Sprint back in 2019. If you think we can help, contact us!

Once a year we organize unKonf an unconference focussing on web development & software development topics. We usually have about 120 nerds in our office for an awesome day of learning.

Also, we love to share our thoughts and experiences in our blog. These are our latest blog posts:

We are hiring

Do you like to work with us? Have a look at our open job positions here:

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  1. phpstan-magento phpstan-magento Public

    Magento specific extension for PHPStan

    PHP 124 23

  2. magento2-force-login magento2-force-login Public

    Force Customer Login Module for Magento 2

    PHP 162 70

  3. captainhook-validateauthor captainhook-validateauthor Public

    Captain Hook Plugin to check if commit author is valid (e.g. email in whitelist)

    PHP 7 4

  4. captainhook-infection captainhook-infection Public

    Captain Hook Plugin to run InfectionPHP only against the changed files of a commit

    PHP 9 3

  5. disco disco Public

    PSR-11 compatible Dependency Injection Container for PHP.

    PHP 139 17

  6. sulu-securitytxt-bundle sulu-securitytxt-bundle Public

    Sulu Bundle to manage security.txt files

    PHP 4 2


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