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At present, there is no widely accepted symbol for the Bitcoin unit "Satoshi". This project seeks to establish "the sat" (s@) as the currency symbol for the satoshi. The Sat

The (s@) symbol borrows from ‘@’, but instead uses 's' to change "at" to "sat". The (s@) icon identifies as being internet native by emulating ‘@’. Additionally, “sat” can be derived phonetically from (s@) by internet users familiar with ‘@’ as a common symbol. This is an important feature for adoption.

“at” (@) = internet communication

“sat” (s@) = internet money

“The Sat” is in the early drafting stages and it is expected that different fonts and handwriting styles of this symbol will develop. Currently there are 2 variations in the symbol: 1. (s@) and 2. ($@). Although it is becoming clearer that Variation 1 (s@) is the preferred choice of some bitcoin enthusiasts. The final form and function of the symbol is still fluid. This project puts forth a proposal of the symbol and offers basic infrastructure for its adoption. More work is needed from talented individuals to create useful material for this concept.

Image files of "the sat" are available in '.Jpg', '.png', and '.svg'. Ubuntu and Times New Roman fonts are freely available for use. These fonts are identical to their namesake, except that "$" has been replaced by the "sat" ($@).

All contributions to the project are welcome and encouraged.