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DAVx⁵ Manual

This repository contains the manual for DAVx⁵ (Github).

Published version (updated automatically from main branch):


Thanks for your interest in contributing to this manual! To contribute:

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Make the changes in the repo.
  3. Send a pull request.

For your first contribution, our CLA bot will ask you to sign the Contributor License Agreement.

Working locally

First, install the required packages (these are the Ubuntu packages):

apt install python3-sphinx python3-sphinx-rtd-theme

Also install the Youtube extension for sphinx:

pip install sphinxcontrib-youtube

Then clone the repository and do your changes. To compile:

sphinx-build . _build

Then you can see your compiled version in the _build directory.

When you have finished your changes and are satisifed with the preview, create a pull request with your changes.