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DAVx⁵ is an open-source CalDAV/CardDAV suite and sync app for Android. You can also access your online files (WebDAV) with it.


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Please see the DAVx⁵ Web site for comprehensive information about DAVx⁵, including a list of services it has been tested with.

DAVx⁵ is licensed under the GPLv3 License.

News and updates:

Help, feature requests, bug reports: DAVx⁵ discussions

Parts of DAVx⁵ have been outsourced into these libraries:

  • cert4android – custom certificate management
  • dav4jvm – WebDAV/CalDav/CardDAV framework
  • ical4android – iCalendar processing and Calendar Provider access
  • vcard4android – vCard processing and Contacts Provider access

If you want to support DAVx⁵, please consider donating to DAVx⁵ or purchasing it.


The most important libraries which are used by DAVx⁵ (alphabetically):

See About / Libraries in the app for all used libraries and their licenses.