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capybara-phantomjs is a Capybara driver for PhantomJS. The goal is to have a drive a real headless webkit-based browser.

NOTE: This gem does not yet pass all specs (5 out of 20 failures on driver spec, 194 of 415 failures on session spec). I need more things from PhantomJS (which is written in Qt and C++) than I know how like getting status code, HTTP headers and getting a handle on a specific element on a page (to fill out inputs and such).


Other things you'll need:

  • Node.js to run the Socket.IO service and HTTP interface to PhantomJS

  • PhantomJS as of 8ed9dc1. This is an older revision but is needed for the now-temporarily-removed loadJS method. Build instructions are on the PhantomJS site. Copy the phantomjs binary from the app bundle it builds into your PATH.

Using with Capybara

See the Capybara docs. Use the symbol :phantomjs for the driver/default_driver as appropriate.

If you are using cucumber, you might add the following lines to your features/support/env.rb

require 'capybara/phantomjs'
Capybara.javascript_driver = :phantomjs


  • PhantomJS for providing a cross-platform headless webkit browser with a JS interface

  • Capybara for the amazing flexibility and test suite

  • capybara-zombie which was used as basis to create this gem

  • Socket.IO for providing a way to instruct PhantomJS from a Ruby process over a socket


See MIT License.

Copyright © 2011 Bitfluent (

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