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Bitfocus AS - Open Source

We're a friendly little development company in the AV/Broadcast-industry. This is our open source projects!


  1. companion companion Public

    Bitfocus Companion enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck and other controllers to be a professional shotbox surface for an increasing amount of different presentation switchers, video pla…

    JavaScript 1.3k 482

  2. companion-module-requests companion-module-requests Public

    Repository for tracking module requests

    88 10

  3. companion-satellite companion-satellite Public

    Satellite Streamdeck connector for Companion

    TypeScript 70 12

  4. companion-module-base companion-module-base Public

    Base class and framework for writing modules for Companion v3

    TypeScript 6 9

  5. companion-bundled-modules companion-bundled-modules Public

    This is where modules included in the Companion 3.0 builds reside

    JavaScript 5 7

  6. companion-module-tools companion-module-tools Public

    Tooling for developing a module for Companion

    JavaScript 1 1


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