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🧾 Introduction

At bitplatform, we've curated a comprehensive toolkit to empower you in crafting the finest projects using Blazor. Diverging from others merely offering UI Toolkits, bit BlazorUI components distinguishes itself with over 56 components, with a compact size of under 400 KB. These components boast both Dark and Light Themes, delivering unparalleled High Performance 🚀

Yet, bitplatform doesn't stop there. Our platform introduces exclusive tools that elevate your development experience:

Bswup: This unique tool harnesses the power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) within the innovative new structure of dotnet 8. By amalgamating pre-rendering techniques reminiscent of renowned platforms like GitHub, Reddit, and Facebook, Bswup ensures an exceptional user experience 😍

Butil: Embracing Blazor because of your love for C#? Butil enables you to stay true to that sentiment by providing essential Browser APIs in C#, eliminating the need to revert to JavaScript for any functionality 👌

Besql: Dreaming of an offline web application capable of saving data and syncing later? Enter Besql, your solution to incorporating ef core & sqlite in your browser. It's a crucial aid for achieving this objective seamlessly 🕺

Bit Boilerplate Project Template: If the aforementioned features have piqued your interest, dive into the Bit Boilerplate project template. Experience everything mentioned above along with additional features such as ASP.NET Core Identity integration, multilingualism, and other cool features that empowers you to develop unified Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS apps from a single codebase, while providing seamless integration with native platform features and third-party Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, and JavaScript libraries 💯

For more details, visit us at

Note: This project is tested with BrowserStack.

🎁 OSS Showcases

The following apps are our open-source projects powered by the bit platform showcasing the different capabilities of our toolchain:

   Web       iOS    Android Windows macOS
bit BlazorUI Prerendered PWA iOS app Android app Windows app macOS app
Todo Prerendered PWA iOS app Android app Windows app macOS app
AdminPanel Prerendered PWA iOS app Android app Windows app macOS app
bitplatform SPA
  1. Pre-rendered SPA with Blazor WebAssembly
  2. Pre-rendered PWA with Blazor Auto
  3. Pre-rendered PWA with Blazor WebAssembly
  4. PWA with Blazor WebAssembly Standalone (Hosted on Cloudflare Pages)

Todo & Adminpanel web apps will launch their respective Android and iOS applications if you have already installed them, mirroring the behavior of apps like YouTube and Instagram.

Prerendering combined with PWA functionality delivers an experience akin to that of GitHub and Reddit. The bitplatform solution, seamlessly integrated with the innovative new .NET 8 project structure, stands as the exclusive remedy for such a scenario within the realm of Blazor.

How to contribute?

We welcome contributions! Many people all over the world have helped make this project better.