A small companion to graphic tablets for image editing
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Palitra is a simple USB device which is thought to be placed on the side of a graphic tablet while doing image editing in order to have easy access to the most frequently used shortcuts. Of course it can be used in other contexts as well.

The project is based around a PIC18F14K50 chip because it supports USB (using an external crystal) and can be powered from 5v without external components. I also had a couple of them lying around, which made the choice obvious.

There is currently one prototype built on veroboard. I am waiting for the PCB to be delivered from China

Compilation and installation

The repository is an MPLAB X project. Download the IDE and open the project to compile. Note that the firmware is meant to be loaded through the bootloader and not through ICSP. This can be done through the desktop application


The schematics are available under hw/palette.dch (DipTrace)


The PCB is available in the hw/palette.dip file (DipTrace)


The enclosure is composed of 3 STL files. They can be found in the hw folder


  1. Measure and improve power usage
  2. Manufacturing