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A javascript Bitcoin library for node.js and browsers.
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BitcoinGreenJS (bitcoingreenjs-lib)


A javascript Bitcoin Green library for node.js and browsers.

Released under the terms of the MIT LICENSE.

Should I use this in production?

If you are thinking of using the master branch of this library in production, stop. Master is not stable; it is our development branch, and only tagged releases may be classified as stable.

Can I trust this code?

Don't trust. Verify.

We recommend every user of this library and the bitcoingreen ecosystem audit and verify any underlying code for its validity and suitability.

Mistakes and bugs happen, but with your help in resolving and reporting issues, together we can produce open source software that is:

  • Easy to audit and verify,
  • Tested, with test coverage >95%,
  • Advanced and feature rich,
  • Standardized, using standard and Node Buffer's throughout, and
  • Friendly, with a strong and helpful community, ready to answer questions.


Presently, we do not have any formal documentation other than our examples, please ask for help if our examples aren't enough to guide you.



The recommended method of using bitcoingreenjs-lib in your browser is through Browserify. If you're familiar with how to use browserify, ignore this and carry on, otherwise, it is recommended to read the tutorial at

NOTE: We use Node Maintenance LTS features, if you need strict ES5, use --transform babelify in conjunction with your browserify step (using an es2015 preset).

NOTE: If you expect this library to run on an iOS 10 device, ensure that you are using buffer@5.0.5 or greater.



Running the test suite

npm test
npm run-script coverage


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