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@pharazen pharazen released this Feb 9, 2020

v2.0.5 handles hard fork and p2p connectivity issues

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@pharazen pharazen released this Oct 2, 2019

Deb release
Hypersync update
Improved error handling

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@GhostinX GhostinX released this Sep 28, 2019


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Sep 25, 2019

@pharazen pharazen released this Aug 11, 2019

v2.0 release with Linux support

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@pharazen pharazen released this Aug 5, 2019

Fixes hyper-sync issue that caused it to re-trigger due to permissions error, even when hyper-sync is not needed.

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@pharazen pharazen released this Jul 29, 2019

v2.0.0-beta-4 updates hyper-sync issues and migrated to domain

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@pharazen pharazen released this Jul 18, 2019

v2.0.0-beta-3 nodes used by Kingfish v1.1.0

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@pharazen pharazen released this Jul 8, 2019

v2.0.0 Beta 2 introduces a major refactoring of the Bitgrin codebase that creates a seperation of concerns between nodes and wallets. Additionally Bitgrin v2 includes improved reorg protection, p2p networking, utilizes the updated slate format based on the Grin v2 slate format, and makes many QoL improvements.

This release is intended for developer testing and feedback, with a public release (with binaries) coming after some initial testing.

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