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The dataset found in the file 'bronir2-all.TXT' is a collection of 880 near infrared (NIR) spectra
in the range from 1300 nm to 2500 nm. The data was collected
online in a HDPE plant using a Brimrose Luminar 3030 spectrometer between 1998-07-30 and 1999-01-11.
There are several response variables in the data set, including 440 density and 383 MFR 2.16 kg/190
reference measurements.
Due to the way the NIR data was collected, there are many interesting artifacts and quite a bit of
noise in the data (very noisy between 2400-2500 nm).
For more information and an analysis of this dataset, see my M.Sc. (eng) thesis:
On-line NIR analysis in a high density polyethene plant,
evaluation of sampling system and optimal calibration strategy
(Rune Mathisen, 1999)