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Version 3.6:

- irc/core:
* Add server-time IRCv3 capability (blastrock)
* Add PROXY command for haproxy/stunnel
* Large performance improvements for large contact lists
* Many UX/documentation improvements
* Added built-in crash handler that writes to /var/lib/bitlbee/crash.log
* Try to join long spaceless lines in paste_buffer without a newline. The
main use case for this is pasting long URLs and not breaking them
* Fix status message being set to null accidentally
* Fix handling utf8 nick renames when loading configs (MaskRay)
* Fix SSL's SNI with hostnames starting with a digit (CMB)
* Show correct nick when `rename -del` is used (arcnmx)

- twitter:
* Disable the stream setting by default. Filter streams still work.
* Update default character limit to 280 chars (qyliss)
* Fix quote tweet url display.

- jabber:
* Try to join anyway after "Already present in chat"
* Fix chat joins when ext_jid is provided for your own user.
Seen with Biboumi (a gateway from XMPP to IRC)
* Handle always_use_nicks more gracefully to reduce nick change noise

- otr:
* Don't block attempts to connect/smp/smpq to "offline" users

- Removed dead protocols:
* msn: Use the skypeweb purple plugin instead.
* skype (the dbus based thing): ditto.
* yahoo: It's so dead even the replacement protocol died.
* oscar: AIM is dead, for ICQ use the icyque purple plugin instead.

- For plugin devs:
* Add datadir to pkgconfig file and config.h (sm00th)
* Add "bitlbee-set-account-password" purple signal (for hangouts)
* Support libpurple 2.12.0's PURPLE_MESSAGE_REMOTE_SEND for groupchat
self-messages (for slack)

- Packaging/distro specific stuff:
* bitlbee@.service now sends stderr to syslog instead of the socket
* debian: only enable bitlbee.service, not bitlbee.socket too
* cygwin: portability fixes for plugins
* Support OpenSSL 1.1 built without backwards compat (cotequeiroz)

Finished XX Feb 200XX

Version 3.5.1:

- purple:
@@ -465,6 +465,23 @@ See the full changelog for details!
See the full changelog for details!

<sect1 id="whatsnew030600">
<title>New stuff in BitlBee 3.6</title>

<member>Removed msn, skype, yahoo, oscar. Use the skypeweb and icyque purple plugins.</member>
<member>Fix twitter (disable stream setting, set tweet length to 280)</member>
<member>Add server-time IRCv3 capability</member>
<member>Large performance improvements for large contact lists</member>

See the full changelog for details!




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