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import hashlib
import bson
from bson.son import SON
import struct
from asyncmongo import ASCENDING, DESCENDING, GEO2D
from asyncmongo.errors import (DatabaseError, InterfaceError)
def _unpack_response(response, cursor_id=None, as_class=dict, tz_aware=False):
"""Unpack a response from the database.
Check the response for errors and unpack, returning a dictionary
containing the response data.
- `response`: byte string as returned from the database
- `cursor_id` (optional): cursor_id we sent to get this response -
used for raising an informative exception when we get cursor id not
valid at server response
- `as_class` (optional): class to use for resulting documents
response_flag = struct.unpack("<i", response[:4])[0]
if response_flag & 1:
# Shouldn't get this response if we aren't doing a getMore
assert cursor_id is not None
raise InterfaceError("cursor id '%s' not valid at server" %
elif response_flag & 2:
error_object = bson.BSON(response[20:]).decode()
if error_object["$err"] == "not master":
raise DatabaseError("master has changed")
raise DatabaseError("database error: %s" %
result = {}
result["cursor_id"] = struct.unpack("<q", response[4:12])[0]
result["starting_from"] = struct.unpack("<i", response[12:16])[0]
result["number_returned"] = struct.unpack("<i", response[16:20])[0]
result["data"] = bson.decode_all(response[20:], as_class, tz_aware)
assert len(result["data"]) == result["number_returned"]
return result
def _fields_list_to_dict(fields):
"""Takes a list of field names and returns a matching dictionary.
["a", "b"] becomes {"a": 1, "b": 1}
["a.b.c", "d", "a.c"] becomes {"a.b.c": 1, "d": 1, "a.c": 1}
for key in fields:
assert isinstance(key, (str,unicode))
return dict([[key, 1] for key in fields])
def _index_document(index_list):
"""Helper to generate an index specifying document.
Takes a list of (key, direction) pairs.
if isinstance(index_list, dict):
raise TypeError("passing a dict to sort/create_index/hint is not "
"allowed - use a list of tuples instead. did you "
"mean %r?" % list(index_list.iteritems()))
elif not isinstance(index_list, list):
raise TypeError("must use a list of (key, direction) pairs, "
"not: " + repr(index_list))
if not len(index_list):
raise ValueError("key_or_list must not be the empty list")
index = SON()
for (key, value) in index_list:
if not isinstance(key, basestring):
raise TypeError("first item in each key pair must be a string")
if value not in [ASCENDING, DESCENDING, GEO2D]:
raise TypeError("second item in each key pair must be ASCENDING, "
index[key] = value
return index
def _password_digest(username, password):
"""Get a password digest to use for authentication.
if not isinstance(password, basestring):
raise TypeError("password must be an instance of basestring")
if not isinstance(username, basestring):
raise TypeError("username must be an instance of basestring")
md5hash = hashlib.md5()
md5hash.update("%s:mongo:%s" % (username.encode('utf-8'),
return unicode(md5hash.hexdigest())
def _auth_key(nonce, username, password):
"""Get an auth key to use for authentication.
digest = _password_digest(username, password)
md5hash = hashlib.md5()
md5hash.update("%s%s%s" % (nonce, unicode(username), digest))
return unicode(md5hash.hexdigest())
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