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ReplicaSet support


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Basic RS support implemented, no working tests yet

@jehiah jehiah commented on an outdated diff Mar 15, 2013
- `dbuser`: db user to connect with
- `dbpass`: db password
- `autoreconnect` (optional): auto reconnect on interface errors
+ - `rs` (optional): replica set name (required when replica sets are used)
+ - `seed` (optional): seed list to connect to a replica set (required when replica sets are used)
jehiah Mar 15, 2013

It would be nice to either a) make this a more structured [(host, port)...] list, or at least ['host:port', ...] or switch this to code that handles mongo uri's and have ['mongo://host:port',...]. In either case since it's a list of spots to connect to, let's make it a list instead of a comma separated string.

Bitly member

@manover this looks like a very good way to structure the authentication/replica set discovery flow. nice work so far.

@SeanOC SeanOC commented on the diff Mar 26, 2013
+ ('--port', '27020', '--replSet', 'rs0'),
+ ]
+ def wait_master(self, port):
+ while True:
+ pipe = subprocess.Popen("echo -n 'db.isMaster();\n' |mongo --port %d --host" % port,
+ stdout=subprocess.PIPE, shell=True)
+ repl = pipe.communicate()[0]
+ if repl.find('"ismaster" : true') >= 0:
+"%d is a master", port)
+ break
+ else:
+"Waiting for %d to become master", port)
+ time.sleep(5)
+ def setUp(self):
SeanOC Mar 26, 2013

You might want to try using a setUpClass class method to do the expensive mongo setup instead of the setUp method. By using setUpClass your setup should only be run once for all of tests.

manover Mar 26, 2013

Yeah, I could do that or even use a module-wide setup() function, the only problems are:

  1. It would still take a lot of time, even running once, so Travis would fail
  2. I would really hate to duplicate the existing structure used by other tests (with MongoTest as a super class)

but thanks for the tip

@manover manover was assigned Mar 26, 2013
@ploxiln ploxiln commented on an outdated diff Mar 27, 2013
+import asyncmongo
+import asyncmongo.connection
+import asyncmongo.errors
+TEST_TIMESTAMP = int(time.time())
+class ReplicaSetTest(test_shunt.MongoTest):
+ mongod_options = [
+ ('--port', '27018', '--replSet', 'rs0'),
+ ('--port', '27019', '--replSet', 'rs0'),
+ ('--port', '27020', '--replSet', 'rs0'),
+ ]
+ def mongo_cmd(self, cmd, port=27018, res='"ok" : 1'):
+ pipe = subprocess.Popen("echo '%s' | mongo --port %d" % (cmd, port), shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
+ repl = pipe.communicate()[0]
ploxiln Mar 27, 2013

could be:

mongo_cli = subprocess.Popen(["mongo", "--port", str(port)], stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
reply, _ = mongo_cli.communicate(cmd)

which I arbitrarily consider to be more elegant :)

Bitly member

@manover changes look great. go ahead and squash this change.

@jehiah jehiah merged commit 810e11b into bitly:master Apr 3, 2013

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