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added and tested link metrics endpoints

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commit 8f3b772d6f2c12c61f961a14e6eaa6734f812473 1 parent 78d3fed
Hilary Mason authored
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  1. +20 −0 bitly_api/
20 bitly_api/
@@ -150,16 +150,36 @@ def link_clicks(self, link, **kwargs):
data = self._call_oauth2_metrics("v3/link/clicks", params, **kwargs)
return data["link_clicks"]
+ def link_encoders_count(self, link, **kwargs):
+ """return the count of bitly encoders who have saved this link"""
+ params = dict(link=link)
+ data = self._call(, 'v3/link/encoders_count', params, **kwargs)
+ return data['data']
def link_referring_domains(self, link, **kwargs):
+ """returns the domains that are referring traffic to a single bitly link"""
params = dict(link=link)
data = self._call_oauth2_metrics("v3/link/referring_domains", params, **kwargs)
return data["referring_domains"]
+ def link_referrers_by_domain(self, link, **kwargs):
+ """returns the pages that are referring traffic to a single bitly link, grouped by domain"""
+ params = dict(link=link)
+ data = self._call_oauth2_metrics("v3/link/referrers_by_domain", params, **kwargs)
+ return data["referrers"]
def link_referrers(self, link, **kwargs):
+ """returns the pages are are referring traffic to a single bitly link"""
params = dict(link=link)
data = self._call_oauth2_metrics("v3/link/referrers", params, **kwargs)
return data["referrers"]
+ def link_shares(self,link, **kwargs):
+ """return number of shares of a bitly link"""
+ params = dict(link=link)
+ data = self._call_oauth2_metrics("v3/link/shares", params, **kwargs)
+ return data
def link_countries(self, link, **kwargs):
params = dict(link=link)
data = self._call_oauth2_metrics("v3/link/countries", params, **kwargs)
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