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## Current Status
Display currently watched links, ability to modify and remove 'watched' links
Watch Button, Trending, character counter
Copy Link
## Future Rev
vr2 plan
Move to clicks per min api.
Change trending api usage (only targets your links, this will be used for graphing your impact against a click per min score)
Canvas Charting
Attempt to integrate goog analytics (believe to be resolved, check bug status)
Speed Shortens
skips shorten and share, copy link directly to clipbord
(notifications -- > see have-a-cookie project for examples of this)
Translate HTML into JSON for fastFrag deployment
All tasks moved to BG progrecces
Disable emile.js in favor of CSS transitions.
Transitions are hardware accelerated. JS 'tweening' is not via CSS step algo is not.
Attempt to support local(e) via fastFrag seperation of 'language' and structure on render
## Notes / Paste Ground
==== Manifest.json ====
The version number is automatically incremented by
In order to deploy this to google extension gallery, must remove all comments and the update url
Consider altering 'deploy' script to handle this
---- as noted, comments moved
---- Bug
to fix the open issue with calls to all_domains that aren't logged in, required a restructuring of the startup process
.. set from cache should do only that...
... I need some methods to manage this
... then if I am get signed in, it should call all_domains then....
Consider moving 'watch and alert' into a worker, where the timer and processing is done via the worker, which 'reaches' out/up to the background to get 'data' as it needs it.
With this adjustment, allow for display of 'watch list' and un-watching links via the UI
This UI change could also add 'timeout' value, which would be the amount of time to stop looking for this link. 2 hours 1 day, 5 days etc
=== Handling Images / Screen Captures ===
it might be possible to port an image lib to JS and have an ext worker resize, crop etc etc the results from capture visible tab area.
The worker should be able to make a local ajax connection and load the library (if it hasn't already) then process any results and return a string.
If this was possible, it would mean the server aspect could be removed and data could be uploaded directly to twitpic or Facebook etc etc
1. Build Test Case to capture visible tab area, return string
2. attempt to decode string from base64, examine if 'editing' is possible (aka removing duplicate values in order to downsize etc, other BASIC operations)
from contributor gregory80: on all my contributions should be consider unlicensed by The full text of the unlicensing document can be found there.