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commit 93b7e666247657f01e77583861273d5aa66b8790 1 parent 057b23c
gregory tomlinson gregory80 authored
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5 scripts/
@@ -71,11 +71,14 @@ cp -r ../src/js/workers/*.js ../tmp/src/js/workers/
echo "Move the CSS files"
mkdir -p ../tmp/src/css
cp -r ../src/css/*.css ../tmp/src/css/
+cp -r ../src/css/*.less ../tmp/src/css/
# now the graphics and stuff
echo "Move the static files to tmp"
mkdir -p ../tmp/src/s/graphics
cp -r ../src/s/graphics/*.{png,gif,ico} ../tmp/src/s/graphics/
+cp -r ../src/s/graphics/vis/*.{png,gif,ico} ../tmp/src/s/graphics/vis/
# begin building ext for release
@@ -165,7 +168,7 @@ cat $KEY
XML_UPDATE_FILE="<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<gupdate xmlns='' protocol='2.0'>
<app appid='${CRX_APPID}'>
- <updatecheck codebase='$VERSION.crx' version='${VERSION}' />
+ <updatecheck codebase='$VERSION.crx' version='${VERSION}' />
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