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simplehttp is a family of libraries and daemons built upon libevent that make high performance HTTP servers simple and straightforward to write.

The following libraries and daemons are included:

  • buffered_socket - a simple abstraction on bufferevent for arbitrary TCP sockets
  • domain_socket - an async C library for creating, listening, and communicating over unix domain sockets
  • host_pool - a library for dealing with endpoint selection, pooling, failure, recovery, and backoff
  • profiler_stats - a library to track arbitrary profiler timings for average, 95%, 99%, 100% time
  • ps_to_http - a daemon built on top of pubsubclient to write messages from a source pubsub to destination simplequeue or pubsub server
  • ps_to_file - a daemon built on top of pubsubclient to write messages from a source pubsub to time rolled output files
  • pubsub - a daemon that receives data via HTTP POST events and writes to all subscribed long-lived HTTP connections
  • pubsub_filtered - a pubsub daemon with the ability to filter/obfuscate fields of a JSON message
  • pubsubclient - a library for writing clients that read from a pubsub
  • pysimplehttp - a python library for working with pubsub and simplequeue
  • qrencode
  • queuereader - a library for writing clients that read from a simplequeue and do work
  • simpleattributes
  • simplegeo
  • simplehttp
  • simpleleveldb - a HTTP CRUD interface to leveldb
  • simplememdb - an in-memory version of simpletokyo
  • simplequeue - an in memory queue with HTTP /put and /get endpoints to push and pop data
  • simpletokyo - a HTTP CRUD interface to front tokyo cabinet's ttserver
  • sortdb - sorted database server

simplehttp Install Instructions

to install any of the simplehttp components you will need to install libevent 1.4.13+ and the 'simplehttp' module first.

build the main library this provides libsimplehttp.a simplehttp/simplehttp.h and simplehttp/queue.h

cd simplehttp
make && make install

now install whichever module you would like this will compile 'simplequeue' and place it in /usr/local/bin

cd simplequeue
make && make install

Some modules have additional dependencies:

pysimplehttp Install Instructions

pip install pysimplehttp

provides and It will use ujson if available.


a family of libraries and daemons for building scalable web infrastructure




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