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helper application to subscribe to a pubsub and write incoming messages to simplequeue(s).

supports multiple destination simplequeues via round robin.

source pubsub should output non-multipart, chunked data where each message is newline terminated.


  --destination-get-url=<str> (multiple) url(s) to HTTP GET to
                         This URL must contain a %s for the message data
                         for a simplequeue use ""
  --destination-post-url=<str> (multiple) url(s) to HTTP POST to
                         For a pubsub endpoint use ""
  --help                 list usage
  --pubsub-url=<str>     (multiple) pubsub url(s) to read from
  --round-robin          write round-robin to destination urls
  --max-silence          Maximum amount of time (in seconds) between messages from
                         the source pubsub before quitting.