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simpleleveldb: new list and set endpoints, cleaned up most other endp…

…oints, revamped makefile, enhanced simplehttp test system

** New Endpoints **

** Other Endpoints **
list_append and list_remove take multiple "value" arguments
list_append and list_remove had "echo_data" parameter, now "return_data", different structure
most endpoints now support a custom single-character separator
mput no longer supports multi-character separator
all endpoints have both txt and json format output that makes sense
mget json format changed
mget standardize MISSING_ARG_KEY error message
fwmatch and range_match have txt output capability

** General Cleanup **
formatting tweaks by cstyle
error string pointer properly handled everywhere to avoid leaks or double frees
mput_cb() simplify buffer offset expressions and remove malloc and free
mput_cb() don't look for separator char after buffer ends
mput_cb() match first separator, not last
db_open() and db_close() should take (void)
fix memory leak in fwmatch_cb() if missing key
dump_csv_cb() doesn't use format argument, remove var
get_cb() avoid extra data copy
new str_list_set.{c,h} with helpers for string representations of lists and sets
re-arrange extra types and add function prototypes for all helpers
remove DUPE_N_TERMINATE() and use strndup() instead
don't allocate json objects until needed updated and tweaked
enhance makefile to generate full dependencies
queuereader: remove global message_len, not needed

** Tests **
remove comment references to mongod
trust make to properly update the executable instead of deleting it first
valgrind can optionally be turned off with --no-valgrind
remove --show-reachable from valgrind output
refactor test_output_dir
server under test started once and stays up for all tests on it
extend timeout to let target program start (valgrind can take a while)
simpleleveldb test function split into multiple
slightly more comprehensive tests added for various endpoints run directly
latest commit 94b75ab236
Pierce Lopez authored
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