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Sorted database server. Makes a tab (or comma) delimitated sorted file accessible via HTTP


--address=<str>        address to listen on
--daemon               daemonize process
--memory-lock          lock data file pages into memory
--enable-logging       request logging
--field-separator=<char> field separator (eg: comma, tab, pipe). default: TAB
--group=<str>          run as this group
--help                 list usage
--port=<int>           port to listen on
                       default: 8080
--root=<str>           chdir and run from this directory
--user=<str>           run as this user

API endpoints:

  • /get?key=...

  • /mget?k=&k=...

  • /stats

  • /reload (reload/remap the db file)

  • /exit (cause the current process to exit)

a HUP signal will also cause sortdb to reload/remap the db file