Commits on Jul 31, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #6 from benfrain/patch-1

    Revised unitless calc
    committed Jul 31, 2013
  2. Revised unitless calc

    Think removing the unit on the multiplication makes more sense (sorry - forgot about that)
    benfrain committed Jul 31, 2013
  3. Merge pull request #4 from benfrain/master

    Updated the calculation so it doesn't produce an error when compiling on CLI with Compass Alpha
    committed Jul 31, 2013
  4. Merge pull request #5 from tedw/master

    Allow for shorthand props containing strings or colors, plus remove extra whitespace
    committed Jul 31, 2013
Commits on May 30, 2013
  1. Update test files

    tedw committed May 30, 2013
  2. Create empty list using () instead of unquote("") to remove extra whi…

    …tespace before values
    tedw committed May 30, 2013
Commits on Apr 17, 2013
  1. Updated calculation to avoid compass error

    Needed to amend line 9 so that produces a valid CSS value and compiles with Compass 13.alpha004
    benfrain committed Apr 17, 2013
Commits on Aug 10, 2011
  1. Merge pull request #1 from adamstac/master

    Hopefully some welcomed changes
    committed Aug 10, 2011
  2. Updated .sass to use unquote after hitting a bug that added empty quo…

    …tes in place of the value, ran sass-convert to sync sass and scss, updated tests
    adamstac committed Aug 10, 2011
  3. Added Rake task with rake sass:convert for converting the .sass to .s…

    …css, added the .sass version and updated vars from underscores to the dashes best practice
    adamstac committed Aug 10, 2011
  4. Added the rem code.

    committed Aug 10, 2011
  5. first commit

    committed Aug 10, 2011