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Gulp-based boilerplate, for making internet.

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For making internet.

What is Uno?

Uno is a static-site generator and boilerplate, built with Gulp. It comes with Markdown, Sass and Babel baked-in. It also includes a dev server, lightweight HTML templating, linter support, image compression, and more.

Getting started

Uno requires Node.js

Clone a new Uno, replacing APP_NAME with your own

$ git clone APP_NAME

Once you've cloned or downloaded the source, you simply need to run npm install in that directory. Running npm start will start a local development server at localhost:1337. Your default browser should open automatically. That's it. That's really it.


Uno comes with a few built-in scripts out of the box. These are designed to streamline common workflows. You can run these scripts with either npm or npm.

Script Name Description
npm start Begins a local dev server, which will watch your code for changes and trigger the various 'gulp' scripts to run. Your browser will automatically reload when it's finished.
npm test This will run eslint and sass-lint. Uno comes pre-configured with AirBnb's style guide for JS and Prettier extensions. It's recommended you install a linter plugin in your favorite text editor.
npm imgmin This task will compress your jpg,png,gif, and svg files. It will squish a lot of bits out of your images, and this can have unintended consequences. It's left out of the main build scripts for a reason: use it wisely, and back up your stuff.
npm build Before you hit the tubes, run npm build. This'll minify your javascript and CSS and get everything tidy for production. All you need to do is throw your "build" folder up on the server and clock out. If you're using a service to deploy files, run this script on the server every time you push.

Anything else?

Oh hell yeah. See the full documentation.

Built With Uno

We've been working on Uno for a while now, and it's out in the wild. All of these sites are built on top of various platforms (Craft, Drupal, Shopify, you name it) that started with Uno as a base.


Gulp-based boilerplate, for making internet.






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