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Send postcards or letters with Mautic via Deutsche Post TRIGGERDIALOG.
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Deutsche Post TRIGGERDIALOG Bundle for Mautic

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Send postcards or letters with Mautic via Deutsche Post TRIGGERDIALOG.


The installation of the plugin requires, in addition to a Mautic account, a customer account for the TRIGGERDIALOG administration website of Deutsche Post - more information can be found on the website TRIGGERDIALOG by Deutsche Post AG.

To register, you need a valid TRIGGERDIALOG Client ID, which is provided in the Mautic settings after installing this bundle.


To install the plugin for Mautic, the following steps are necessary (requires command line access):

  • Download the latest release of this bundle either as .tar.gz or as .zip archive from GitHub and upload the archive to the Mautic server or fetch the source directly on the server e.g. by using wget.
  • Unpack the file, rename the directory and move it to the plugin. directory of the mautic installation: mv mautic-deutschepost-master <path-to-mautic>/plugins/MauticTriggerdialogBundle.
  • Clear cache, e.g. in the Mautic backend, or also directly via command line: rm -rf <path-to-mautic>/app/cache/prod/*.
  • Open the Mautic backend and go to "Settings" -> "Plugins", click on "Install/Update Plugins".

Now you are all set. "Dt. Post" appears now in the plugin list and is already activated.


You can configure the bundle within the configuration section of your Mautic Backend. All relevant configuration can be found underneath the tab "TRIGGERDIALOG Settings".

Backend view of TRIGGERDIALOG settings

Before Start

The "Marketing Autmoation System ID" and the "Client ID" cannot be changed. The value of the system identifier must be set to "8". The client identifier is your specific "TRIGGERDIALOG Client ID". You need this ID for becoming a Deutsche Post TRIGGERDIALOG user.

Plugin Configuration

All other fields are self-explanatory - you will find the required access data on your TRIGGERDIALOG adminstration website of Deutsche Post.


Everything else now works exactly like for e-mails: Before you can integrate the first TRIGGERDIALOG action into your campaign, you have to create a template. You can find the "Deutsche Post" Plugin within the Channels section in the main navigation (close to "Emails" or "Focus Items").

From here you also have the possibility to open the TRIGGERDIALOG Manager.

Creating Templates in Mautic

You can create a new TRIGGERDIALOG template in Maugic by clicking the "+ NEW" button.

Under the tab "Data Mapping", the desired links are made in order to assign the contact data in Mautic to the corresponding fields in TRIGGERDIALOG - ZIP-Code is a mandatory field. It goes without saying that complete address data is required for successful postcard dispatch.

Backend view of creating a TRIGGERDIALOG template

Please note: The optical design (InDesign, ...) and other configuration of the postcard are not stored in Mautic, but directly on the TRIGGERDIALOG administration website of Deutsche Post.

Integration in Mautic Campaigns

Via the plugin, a new campaign action is now available: "Send via Deutsche Post". In this action you can select the desired postcard template from the TRIGGERDIALOG templates stored in Mautic.

Add campaign action

Configure campaign action

Mautic then uses the plugin to send the data to Deutsche Post for printing and delivery - and shortly afterwards your contact has his individual postcard in his mailbox.


You can contribute by making a pull request to the master branch of this repository. Or just send us some beers...

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