Simple image gallery for TYPO3 using file collections.
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Simple Image Gallery (bm_image_gallery)

This extension creates galleries from images and Youtube videos organized within TYPO3's 'File collection' records.

For editors

The easiest way to get an front end output of your gallery is to follow these steps:

  1. Create one or more file collection records in a folder inside your page tree and include your files. Each file collection represents a gallery.
  2. Create a general plugin on the page where you want to show your gallery. Then select the plugin "Gallery" on the "Plugin" tab.
  3. Create references to your file collections in the multiselect field below the "Plugin Options" section.

Assuming you referenced only one file storage, all the files of this file storage should be shown in a list view with click-enlarge functionality.

If you have referenced multiple file collections inside the plugin, an overview of all galleries will be rendered in the front end. Click one of them to get a list view of all files of the gallery.

In case of multiple file collections you can also define a "Gallery Page" optionally. On that page create another gallery plugin with the same file storages referenced as the originally plugin. If so, the gallery overview links to the "Gallery Page", where the list view will be rendered. This can be necessary, if there are multiple plugins with multiple galleries on one page.

Backend view of bm_image_gallery plugin

For administrators


If you are in composer mode, use

composer req bitmotion/bm-image-gallery

The extension is available in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and can also be installed via Extension Manager. Ensure, that the static templates are included.


Set alternative Layout/Template/Partial path individually to use your own Fluid templates. Simply set the following TypoScript constants:

plugin.tx_bmimagegallery.view {
    templateRootPath = EXT:your_ext/Resources/Private/Template/Path/
    partialRootPath = EXT:your_ext/Resources/Private/Partial/Path/
    layoutRootPath = EXT:your_ext/Resources/Private/Layout/Path/


If you want to change the Fluid templates or use your own, copy the original files with the complete folder structure, e.g. into your site package and set the TypoScript configuration as shown above. If TYPO3 finds a fluid template file under the given alternative path, it will use this, otherwise the original files in the extension.