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Bitmovin Analytics Collector

Instruments adaptive streaming video players and collects information to be sent to the Bitmovin Analytics service.

To get started collecting data with Bitmovin Analytics you need a License-Key which you can get for free by signing up for a free Bitmovin account.

Supported Players

  • Bitmovin Web SDK v7
  • Bitmovin Web SDK v8
  • Shaka
  • HLS.js
  • DASH.js
  • VideoJS
  • Native HTMLVideoElement


An interactive getting started guide on how to integrate Bitmovin Analytics Collector with the Bitmovin Player is available in our Dashboard.

For more comprehensive integration documentation please consult the Bitmovin Analytics documentation.

Integrating Bitmovin 8

Bitmovin Player v8 comes with Analtyics pre-installed and just requires an analytics section containing your license key in the player configuration.

A minimal example:

const configWithAnalytics = {
  key: '<YOUR PLAYER KEY>',
  analytics:   {
    videoId: 'VIDEO_ID'

const container = document.getElementById('my-player');
const player = bitmovin.player.Player(container, configWithAnalytics);

Integrating 3rd Party Players

To integrate other players pick the appropriate adapter (HlsAdapter, VideojsAdapter, ShakaAdapter, DashjsAdapter or HTMLVideoElementAdapter) and instantiate the adapter by passing the player instance.

An example for HLS.js:

const analyticsConfig = {
  videoId: 'VIDEO_ID'

const player = new Hls();
const analytics = new, player);