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This repository contains all released versions of the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK.

Sample Applications

Find some sample applications using the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK in our sample repository.

Using the SDK

Using CocoaPods

Add pod 'BitmovinPlayer', git: '', tag: '2.12.0 to your Podfile. After that, install the pod using pod install.

Adding The SDK Directly

  • When using XCode, go to the General settings page and add the SDK bundle (BitmovinPlayer.framework) under Linked Frameworks and Libraries.

Project Setup

  • Add your Bitmovin player license key to the Info.plist file as BitmovinPlayerLicenseKey.

    Your player license key can be found when logging in into and navigating to Player -> Licenses.

  • Add the Bundle identifier of the iOS application which is using the SDK as an allowed domain to the Bitmovin licensing backend. This can also be done under Player -> Licenses when logging in into with your account.

    When you do not do this, you'll get a license error when starting the application which contains the player.

Documentation And Release Notes

  • You can find the latest API documentation here
  • The release notes can be found here