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This repo has been originally populated by the lib/ folder contents from as of Mar/2018, aiming to provide a library of jsonnet manifests for common Kubernetes objects (such as Deployment, Service, Ingress, etc).

Accordingly, above kube-manifests has been changed to use this repo as a git submodule, i.e.:

$ git submodule add
$ cat .gitmodules
[submodule "lib"]
path = lib
url =


Unit and e2e-ish testing at tests/, needs usable docker-compose setup at node, will run a k3s "dummy" container to serve Kube API, "enough" to run kubecfg validate against it:

make tests

If you don't want that full kube-api stack (will then use your "local" kubernetes configured environment), you can run:

make -C tests local-tests kube-validate