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name: Grid
category: Foundations/Variables
tag: variables
Defines the basic values for our Grid system
// Basic values of our grid system
$grid-width: 100%;
$grid-columns: 12;
$grid-gutter: su();
// Basic values of our grid system
$grid-width: map-get($breakpoints, 'uxl') !default;
$grid-columns: 12 !default;
$grid-gutter: $su !default;
$grid-collapse-on: phone phone-land tablet desktop wide !default;
// The order is inverse because the smaller sizes have priority over the bigger
// ie. collapse-2-b-tablet has priority over collapse-3-b-wide
$grid-collapse-below: b-ultrawide b-wide b-desktop b-tablet b-phone-land !default;
$grid-collapse-above: a-phone a-phone-land a-tablet a-desktop a-wide !default;