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The API service is hosted at Our rate limit policy:

  • Open API
    • 600 requests per minute per IP
  • Auth API
    • 600 requests per minute per IP
    • 600 requests per minute per user account

For all endpoints require authentication, you should create the API key at BitoPro


HTTP Status Codes

  • 2xx Success
    • 200 OK
  • 4xx Client errors
    • 401 Unauthorized api key
    • 403 Forbidden
    • 409 Try to send the same request more than once
    • 422 Data parsing error
    • 429 Rate limits exceed
  • 5xx Server errors
    • 502 Bad gateway
    • 503 Service unavailable

Order status

  • -1: Not Triggered
  • 0: In progress
  • 1: In progress (Partial deal)
  • 2: Completed
  • 3: Completed (Partial deal)
  • 4: Cancelled
  • 6: Post-only Cancelled

Fee fields

  • fee as fee paid
  • feeSymbol as symbol for fee
  • bitoFee as fee paid in BITO



Endpoint URL Example
Get order book GET /order-book/{pair}
Get the list of currencies GET /provisioning/currencies
Get the list of available pairs GET /provisioning/trading-pairs
Get tickers GET /tickers/{pair}
Get the recent trades GET /trades/{pair}
Get trading history GET /trading-history/{pair}
Get the limitations and fees GET /provisioning/limitations-and-fees


Endpoint URL Example
Get the account balance GET /accounts/balance
Get all orders GET /orders/all/{pair}
Get order list (Deprecated) GET /orders/{pair}
Create an order POST /orders/{pair}
Create batch limit/market orders POST /orders/batch
Cancel an order DELETE /orders/{pair}/{id}
Cancel all orders DELETE /orders/all or /orders/{pair} or
Cancel multiple orders PUT /orders
Get an order GET /orders/{pair}/{orderId}
Get Withdraw Information GET /wallet/withdraw/{currency}/{serial}
Withdraw POST /wallet/withdraw/{currency}