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Listal Image Batch Downloader

Simple bot to download pictures from Listal


You will need to have NodeJS installed to use or develop this.

To install as a command line tool, install it globally using NPM.

npm install listal -g

To use this directly from source:

node listal.js <arguments>


(The usage guide assumes you have installed it globally)

For example, if you want to download all images in listal from inception just type:

listal -u

If you want all the pictures from the director:

listal -u

Or if you are on the naughty side and want the pictures of diCaprio or Ellen Page try:

listal -u
listal -u


All pictures are downloaded by default to target but you can change this with the -o option.

If you want to skip any images you have already downloaded add the -s option.

You can specify the pages to download using the -p option.

This will download all of Leo's images on page 10:

listal -u -p 10

This will download all of Leo's images from page 10 to 15:

listal -u -p 10-15

You can set the number of concurrent pages to process using option -c. The default is 5. If you have problems downloading try lowering the value.

To Do List

  • Better handling of the -u option, for example accept bad urls
  • Better code in some areas.
  • Make the base url optional?