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Latest commit 6978b85 @matthewp matthewp 0.4.2
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bin keep non flags as strings
docs fix broken documenting links in #148
examples makes simple function and property names always inherit parent and pa…
lib Use double underscore instead of pipe character in filenames
site makes documentjs work in npm3 node5 and hopefully node 4
styles remove old hello world markdown files
tasks fixing only reference
.gitignore no more errors on missing name, but a nice warning
.travis.yml Use the specific supported version of Node in Travis
appveyor.yml Use require.resolve for steal.production.js
documentjs.json make sure style guide docs make sense whether we are on…
main.js Adding configured to module.exports in main. Adding tests to check th…
package.json 0.4.2 Add appveyor badge to the readme
test.js Adding configured to module.exports in main. Adding tests to check th…



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DocumentJS creates beautiful, articulate, multi-versioned documentation. With DocumentJS, you can:

  • Write documentation inline or in markdown files.
  • Specify your code's behavior precisely with JSDoc and Google Closure Compiler annotations.
  • Customize your site's theme and layout.
  • Generate multi-version documentation.

Go to for guides and documentation.


0.2.0 Nov 27th, 2014

  • Added the tags site config. It allows custom tags.
  • Options on non record types #72.
  • <strong> is bold #76.
  • Sidebar parents fixed #75.
  • Code and Src are available almost everywhere commit.
  • Added singlePage site config. commit
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