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Merge pull request #159 from bitovi/build-by-branch-name

Ability to build by branch name, with test.
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DocumentJS creates beautiful, articulate, multi-versioned documentation. With DocumentJS, you can:

  • Write documentation inline or in markdown files.
  • Specify your code's behavior precisely with JSDoc and Google Closure Compiler annotations.
  • Customize your site's theme and layout.
  • Generate multi-version documentation.

Go to for guides and documentation.


0.2.0 Nov 27th, 2014

  • Added the tags site config. It allows custom tags.
  • Options on non record types #72.
  • <strong> is bold #76.
  • Sidebar parents fixed #75.
  • Code and Src are available almost everywhere commit.
  • Added singlePage site config. commit
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