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TOC: A. How to get (and contribute) to JMVC 3.2 B. Getting Started with JMVC 3.2

A. How to get (and contribute) JMVC

  1. Start a new project in git.

  2. Fork .... and and and

  3. Add steal, jquerymx, funcunit, and documentjs as submodules of your project... git submodule add steal git submodule add jquery git submodule add funcunit git submodule add documentjs

  4. Learn a little more about submodules ...

  5. Make changes in steal or jmvc, and push them back to your fork.

  6. Make a pull request to your fork.

B. Getting Started with JMVC

  1. Generate app: ./js steal/generate/app cookbook

  2. Generate scaffold: ./js steal/generate/scaffold Cookbook.Models.Recipe

  3. Add html to cookbook/cookbook.html:

    • See your recipes app:
      Open cookbook/cookbook.html in a browser.

    • Run functional tests in the browser: Open cookbook/funcunit.html in a browser (turn off popup blockers).

    • Run functional tests with selenium: ./funcunit/run selenium cookbook/funcunit.html

    • Run unit tests in the browser: Open cookbook/qunit.html in a browser.

    • Run unit tests with Rhino: ./funcunit/run envjs cookbook/qunit.html

    • Compress app: ./steal/js cookbook/scripts/build.js

    • Turn on production mode in callcenter.html and reload page: src='../steal/steal.production.js?cookbook'

    • Generate docs: ./steal/js cookbook/scripts/doc.js

    • View docs: Open cookbook/docs.html.

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