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CanJS is now stolen and is the prefered way of doing things. $.Class, $.Model, $.View, $.Controller, $.route, $.Observe are all now can.NAME. To maintain large amounts of backwards compatability, these things still exist. However, using can is now encouraged. Also, can has things as plugins that were included by default previously.


  • Removed .Class access to instance's constructor function, use .constructor instead
  • Removed callback, use .proxy


  • delegate and bind are replaced with on


  • $.O is removed
  • attrs is now just attr
  • sort is removed (temporarily)


  • model's implemented ajax methods do not take success / error, they produce methods that do
  • model.update(attrs, success, error) is removed, use model.attr(attrs).save(success, error)
  • model list does not get updated events, listen for change
  • error message handlers get handler(ev, attr, errorName)
  • this in save's success handler save(succes, error) is now the deferred.
  • There are no default fixtures for models anymore.
  • there is no error handler on attributes. Use an event handler.
  • Abstracted element helper .models to be applicable to can.Observe and renamed to .instances


  • Returns a documentFragment
  • All types are moved into can
  • Helpers are removed
  • plugin is gone, use <%= (el)-> el.pluginName(args) %>
  • callback functions execute before the fragment is inserted into the DOM


  • fixture.make returns a store



  • Removed this.publish

3.2.1 (10/18/11)


  • Fixed a bug in steal/html that made it unusable


  • Fixed a bug in PhantomJS steal.browser

3.2 (10/15/11)


  • Updated Getting Started Guide
  • Added tutorials for FuncUnit, jQueryMX, and StealJS
  • Added examples for Contacts, PlayerMX, Todo, and Srchr apps.
  • Added Organizing your App, Searchable Ajax Apps, Migrating to 3.1, and Ajax Service Guidelines tutorial


  • js accepts -e to exit on error
  • steal works asynchronously
  • steal uses suffix as type (using steal.type)
  • removed steal.plugins, steal.less, steal.css, etc.
  • added steal.parse
  • fixed bug with not handling nested parenthesis
  • added steal.html and steal.html.crawl
  • IE loads more than 32 styles
  • added steal.browser
  • steal.get can follow steals and install dependencies
  • added steal.loaded and steal.has


  • Better distance calculation on drag-drop
  • $.Range fixes for IE
  • Added $.Observe and $.route
  • fixtures handle 0 based ids
  • CoffeeScript generator
  • Moved string helpers to lang/string
  • Added $.Object helpers
  • $.fixture can intercept a request and handle templated urls.
  • Updated generators to insert steal requests auto-magically
  • FormParams leaves values as strings by default.
  • dimensions works when not provided an element
  • upgraded to jQuery 1.6.4


  • EJS escapes content by default. Use <%== to not escape.
  • Bugs fixed jQuery modify helpers when not passing html.
  • EJS filenames show up in firebug on the filesystem.


  • Removed Document Controllers
  • pluginName works right
  • Controller's can bind on constructors or other functions.
  • plugin helper code happens in setup
  • update rebinds event handlers


  • added beta $.Model.Store
  • Removed associations, added convert
  • removed wrap and wrapMany in favor of model and models.
  • Model.List creates updated events instead of update events.
  • Model uses static update and destroy for ajax events.


  • 'inherits' from jQuery via .sub()
  • Uses steal.browser so PhantomJS and browsers can work
  • Faster Page Opening
  • Uses latest QUnit


  • rightclick works better


  • caches content in localStorage
  • better breadcumb
  • handles .md files

3.1 (5/17/2011)


  • Added getjmvc script
  • Added install script for windows
  • Added new init page with framework overview
  • Added error level (-e) support to the js.bat (Windows) and ./js (Mac, Linux)


  • jQuery upgraded to 1.6.1
  • .val method supports Views. EX: $('input').val('view_name', {});
  • Added range plugin
  • Added deparam plugin - Takes a string of name value pairs and returns a Object literal that represents those params.


  • Deferreds and Converter Support.
  • Added VERB support to parameterized CRUD urls. EX: update: "POST /recipe/update/{id}.json"
  • Global model events. EX: Recipe.bind('update', func).
  • Attribute update event. EX: recipe.bind('updated.attr', func);
  • Model.list upgraded to handle findAll, findOne
  • AJAX converters are renamed: wrap -> model and wrapMany -> models
  • Added dataType optional param to the ajax function
  • Added filters to Fixtures
  • Models and Fixtures support create, delete, and update model encapsulation.


  • Added swipe, swipeleft and swiperight events
  • Swipe left and swipe right added to jQuery.event.special for autobinding with controller
  • Hover can set leave. EX: $('.elem').bind('hoverleave', func)
  • Hover only runs one Mouseenter / Mouseleave per selector at a time
  • Added support for HTML5 history API
  • Drag and drop allows adding drops after drag has started
  • Drag doesn't select text anymore
  • Limit and step take center param
  • Limit can limit center of drag
  • Added pause and resume for events


  • Added object binding to parameterized controller events. EX: "{window} load".


  • Deferreds support
  • Better warning when templates don't exist


  • Changes to the repeat API.
  • Added eval.
  • Added examples.


  • Syn adjusts scrolling for drag / move positions not in the page.
  • Syn loads in Rhino, and documentation can be generated.
  • Syn works under Env.js.
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