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@page tutorials Tutorials @parent javascriptmvc 5

@description Tutorials on JavaScriptMVC.

This is where your learning starts. Go through these tutorials to learn JavaScriptMVC basics. Also check out these [examples example apps]

[installing Installing JavaScriptMVC]

Learn how to install JavaScriptMVC. This is a prerequisite for most of the other tutorials.

[rapidstart Rapid Start]

Want to take JMVC for a test-drive? Start here.

[getstarted Get Started with JavaScriptMVC]

Build, minify, test, and document a basic recipe application. This tutorial covers the major components of JavaScriptMVC.

[mvc Get started with CanJS]

A walkthrough of the MVC parts of JavaScript MVC. This is a must read if you want to understand how they work together.

[tutorials.jquerypp Get started with jQuery++]

jQuery++ is a collection of useful jQuery libraries that provide the missing functionality necessary to implement and organize large-scale jQuery applications.

[funcunit.getstarted Get Started with FuncUnit]

Uses [FuncUnit] to write functional tests for the jQuery UI autocomplete widget.

[organizing Organizing Your App]

From a small to large projects, covers the best way of organizing a JavaScriptMVC application and scaling it to meet future needs.

[ajaxy Searchable Ajax Apps]

Build a simple widget that loads content with ajax. This walkthrough demonstrates how to make a site Google crawlable and searchable.

[services Ajax Service Guidelines]

This guide details suggests a service layer design that minimizes the amount of extra work to get JavaScriptMVC running.

[migrate Migrating from 3.0 and 3.1]

This guide outlines the things you have to look at when upgrading from version 3.0 or 3.1.

[done Migrating from 3.2 to 3.3]

This guide outlines the API changes for moving a project from version 3.2.