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This is the latest release of the BitPay app – a BitPay-supported distribution of Copay, including built-in integration with the BitPay Card.

This distribution includes a new, blazing-fast UI, major performance improvements, and a number of new features aimed at both new and long-time bitcoin users.

See the BitPay app announcement for more information, or the latest update announcement for details on this release.

How to Verify the Download

To verify the download is authentic, you'll need to have software installed that is able to verify "PGP Signatures" – we recommend GPG, which is available for many operating systems.

Once you've installed GPG, download the public key file, and open it with GPG to add it to your keychain. We encourage you to learn more about PGP key trust from tutorials such as this one, and to confirm this is a trusted key from BitPay.

Once you've confirmed the authenticity of the public key, you can use the GPG desktop program to verify the files. You'll need both the installable "release" file for your platform, and it's accompanying signature file.

If you're comfortable using the command line, you can also use the following commands:

  • MacOS: gpg --verify BitPay.dmg.sig BitPay.dmg
  • Linux: gpg --verify
  • Windows: gpg --verify BitPay.exe.sig BitPay.exe

This release is also accompanied by a Pull Request to make these improvements available in Copay. Please see the blog post to learn more.

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ios android linux
windows macos windows-store

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