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App to log the current temperature from a Temper1 sensor

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A command line sensor logger for Temper1 devices

Uses pcsensor.c by Michitaka Ohno, Juan Carlos Perez and Robert Kavaler

Install intructions (Debian / Ubuntu)

1. Install libusb-0.1.4 and dev package, plus build-essential 

    sudo apt-get install build-essential libusb-0.1.4 libusb-0.1.4-dev

2. Compile:


3. Install:

    sudo make install

4. Uninstall

    sudo make uninstall

Usage instructions

Run, you may need to run this as root depending on your udev rules, i.e.

    sudo ./

This will log the temperature every 5 seconds to stdout as a CSV stream which 
you can pipe to a text stream and open in your favourite spreadsheet package 

To allow non-root users access

1. Add the udev rule set in /etc/udev/rules.d/ using the 60-temper.rules 

2. Add a 'temper' group (using groupadd or edit the /etc/group file)

3. Add users to the 'temper' group

4. Reload the udev rules 

    udevcontrol reload_rules

5. Unplug and replug the TEMPer device

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