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Bit Project's Software Engineering Curriculum

We use powerful, human powered curriculum written by students for students. We strive to create a community of passionate developers to be leaders in their own communities to inspire the next generation of technologists.

About Us

We make software engineering and computer science education accessible to students from nontraditional learning environments. Using our curriculum, we take students with minimal experience in computer science to a full-fledged software developer with a diverse coding portfolio using our curriculum. We collaborate with leading companies and developers to create interactive, fun technical content that use industry standard technologies and developer tools.

Our Core Curriculum

Our curriculum covers core computer science concepts and specialized developer skills.

1. Introduction to Python

  • Data Types and Variables
  • Numerical Operators, Boolean Operators, If Statements
  • Data structures, For/While Loops, User Input, F-Strings
  • File Parsing

Interactive Labs: ATM, Hangman, Wheel of Fortune, Word Translation

2. Computational Social Science with Twitter

  • Introduction to Twitter API
  • Streaming Live Tweets
  • Cursor and Pagination
  • Analyzing Tweet Data
  • Graphing with Matplotlib
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • High-Level Natural Language Processing
  • Visualizing Twitter Trends

Interactive Labs: Visualizing Celebrities' Tweets, Topical Hashtag Frequency, Sentiment Behind the 7th Democratic Debate

3. API Development and Testing with Postman

  • Introduction to APIs: Using Postman to Test API Endpoints
  • Creating and Testing Your Own API: BitBloxs
  • Creating Postman Collections
  • Running Sets of Requests Based on Data: Collection Runners
  • Mock Servers
  • APIs for Front-End Developers
  • Documenting APIs in Postman

Interactive Labs: URL Shortener, Documenting a Full-Stack API

4. Frontend Engineering with MongoDB Stitch

  • Tech Stacks and Full-Stack Development
  • NoSQL vs SQL
  • What are APIs?
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • NoSQL Querying with MongoDB Atlas
  • Intro to GraphQL
  • Using React to Make Web Apps Dynamic
  • Using MongoDB Stitch to Make a Serverless Back-End
  • Communicating from Stitch to React using GraphQL
  • Intro to Gatsby.js
  • Netlify and Website Deployment

Interactive Labs: Searchable Tweet Database, MongoDB Atlas Scavenger Hunt

Current in the Works

1. Introduction to Cryptography

  • Talking to remote servers
  • RCEs, reverse shells, and privilege escalation
  • Local file inclusion
  • SSH keys and tunnels
  • Basic log analysis
  • Side channel attacks
  • Bash and Linux basics
  • SQL injection
  • Assembly/GDB refresher
  • Stack Buffer Overflows
  • Return Oriented Programming

Interactive Labs: Scavenger Hunt, SQL Injection, Remote Code Execution

2. Introduction to JAM Stack

  • Introduction to Gatsby.js
  • Styled Components and React
  • GraphQL and Markdown
  • Headless CMS (Contentful) Integration
  • Headless Wordpress CMS
  • SEO Optimization
  • Optimizing Site Load Speeds with Lighthouse
  • Progressive Web Apps

Interactive Labs: Inspirational Quote Viewer, Markdown Previewer, Personal Blog

🐛 Reporting Bugs and Issues

If you think you've found a bug, first read the how to report a bug article and follow its instructions.

If you're confident it's a new bug and have confirmed that someone else is facing the same issue, go ahead and create a new GitHub issue. Be sure to include as much information as possible so we can reproduce the bug.

How To Contribute

For Bit members, external contributors and company partners, please check out our guides at our wiki.

Join Bit Project

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