Graphite dashboarding
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Fullerene is a "meta-dashboard" tool for Graphite, allowing for both automatic and manually-specified groupings of graphs, with limited host/domain organization based on an assumed metric path (e.g. those generated by collectd-carbon.)


It is currently implemented as a simple Flask application designed to run on the same server as one's Graphite webapp and hook into that app's URL API.


Fullerene is in very, very early stages of development and is not intended for public consumption. No, not even for those who routinely nab "pre-alpha" software. This is only public for now so its code can be referenced in discussions and because I'm too cheap to upgrade to a Github plan that offers more private collaborators :)


Similar tools at time of writing (October 2011) were Pencil and GDash. Neither of those tools quite fit the bill for our particular use case(s), nor were they a good fit for forking.

Pencil had a good feature set but diverged from how I wanted/needed such a tool to work, to such a degree that a greenfield project felt like less/equal effort.

GDash was too simple for my needs, and did not have enough existing functionality to merit forking vs writing my own tool; plus I work in a team which is primarily used to Python, so using a small amount of Ruby code as a base did not make sense.