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Crappy by-hand changelog until we set up proper Sphinx docs :)



  • Add number of skipped tests to successful summary output. Previously, number of skipped tests was only printed when other failures occurred.
  • Add @hide decorator to explicitly mark functions as not being tests, thanks to Maciej Konieczny for the initial work.
  • Auto-hide setup and teardown methods/functions so they aren't run as / shown as tests themselves. Thanks again to Maciej for the initial pull request.
  • Refactor spec's relaxed test discovery so it can be invoked as its own Nose plugin/option (though spec the program still has its own use and still exists.) Thanks to Marc Abramowitz (and thanks to him also for some minor internal refactorings & project support tweaks.)



  • Use nose.core.main instead of so spec exits with nonzero return values upon test failure.



  • Make sure spec does not blow up when no tests/ directory exists. Fixes #14. Thanks to Janne Härkönen for the patch.
  • Filter out .pyc files when selecting tests. Fixes #15; thanks again to Janne.
  • Actually skip leading-underscore files; implementation did not match docs.
  • Add support for nested inner classes as recursive contexts.
  • Add command-line option to disable our automatic toggle of the built-in --detailed-errors flag.
  • Tweak color scheme so purples became reds.
  • Remove old Nose-style SKIPPED/FAILED/etc suffixes when showing spec format.
  • Re-integrate support for individual test module targeting (--tests=<path>).



  • Print skipped test count in summary. (#5)
  • Only print <type>=<count> error counts in summary for nonzero counts (i.e. never print e.g. (failures=0, ...).)
  • Don't use custom test selection in spec tool if user passes in common Nose selection options such as --where= or --tests=.
  • Refactor of internal colorization functions. (#7)
  • Filter out trailing underscores from class names when printing spec output (so e.g. class MyClass_ shows up as MyClass and not MyClass_.) (#8)



  • PEP8 overhaul (I never audited the original source for PEP8 compliancy :() courtesy of Douglas Soares de Andrade. (#3)
  • Docstrings-as-test-identifiers now strip()'d, also thanks to Douglas.
  • Implement Rudolf-inspired traceback and summary colorization. (#1)



  • Switch from single module to a package.
  • Add 'spec' CLI runner tool.



  • Import original Pinocchio/Spec codebase.
  • Trim down to just 'spec' plugin.
  • Nose 1.x fixes.
  • Python 2.7 fixes.
  • Packaging, docs, internal tests all overhauled.
  • Set colorized output as the default behavior.
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