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Crappy by-hand changelog until we set up proper Sphinx docs :)
## 0.9.6
-### (2012.MM.DD)
+### (2012.06.07)
* Add number of skipped tests to successful summary output. Previously, number
of skipped tests was only printed when other failures occurred.
+* Add `@hide` decorator to explicitly mark functions as not being tests, thanks
+ to Maciej Konieczny for the initial work.
+* Auto-hide `setup` and `teardown` methods/functions so they aren't run as /
+ shown as tests themselves. Thanks again to Maciej for the initial pull
+ request.
+* Refactor `spec`'s relaxed test discovery so it can be invoked as its own Nose
+ plugin/option (though `spec` the program still has its own use and still
+ exists.) Thanks to Marc Abramowitz (and thanks to him also for some minor
+ internal refactorings & project support tweaks.)
## 0.9.5
### (2012.03.07)

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