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* implemented the other hashes: all 4 from the draft are working now
* added 'aes128-cbc' and '3des-cbc' cipher support
* fixed channel eof/close semantics
2003-09-12: version "aerodactyl"
* implemented group-exchange kex ("kex-gex")
* implemented RSA/DSA private key auth
* fixed inflate_long and deflate_long to handle negatives, even though
they're never used in the current ssh protocol
* fixed session_id handling: re-keying works now
* added the ability for a Channel to have a fileno() for select/poll
purposes, although this will cause worse window performance if the
client app isn't careful
2003-09-16: version "bulbasaur"
* fixed pipe (fileno) method to be nonblocking and it seems to work now
* fixed silly bug that caused large blocks to be truncated
* patch to fix Channel.invoke_subsystem and add Channel.exec_command
[vaclav dvorak]
* patch to add Channel.sendall [vaclav dvorak]
* patch to add Channel.shutdown [vaclav dvorak]
* patch to add Channel.makefile and a ChannelFile class which emulates
a python file object [vaclav dvorak]
* thread creation no longer happens during construction -- use the new
method "start_client(event)" to get things rolling
* re-keying now takes place after 1GB of data or 1 billion packets
(these limits can be easily changed per-session if needed)
* added a demo server and host key
* lots of changes to server mode
* ChannelFile supports universal newline mode; fixed readline
* fixed a bug with parsing the remote banner
2003-11-10: version "charmander"
* renamed SSHException -> SecshException
* cleaned up server mode and the demo server
*** for all subsequent changes, please see 'tla changelog'.