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* FIXME: use the locking scheme from java for
* allow setting chmod bits on for create
* host-based auth (yuck!)
* ctr forms of ciphers are missing (blowfish-ctr, aes128-ctr, aes256-ctr)
* sftp protocol 6 support (ugh....) -- once it settles down more
* make a simple example demonstrating use of SocketServer (besides
* should SSHClient try to use openssh config files?
* figure out how to parse encrypted key files?
* is it possible to poll on a set of events at once?
* potentially create only one thread shared by all Transports
* SSHClient: flag to turn off agent detection? flag to turn off keyfile discovery?
* vault: sftp server + bazaar
- single person can open file for writing at one time
- atomic rename @ file close
- bzr commit after close