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-# ssh
-The `ssh` library is a fork of, and spiritual successor to, the
-[Paramiko]( Python SSH library. It was created by
-the developers of the [Fabric]( library as a way to ensure
-timely updates and bugfixes for critical issues.
+This library started life as a fork of
+[Paramiko]( but has now been [fully merged
+back upstream](
-`ssh` is currently in a transitional state and other than a rename and a
-handful of small but crucial fixes/tweaks, the code and the documentation
-remain unchanged from the original.
+As such, 'ssh' is defunct and will receive no future releases or attention:
+please change your dependencies back to Paramiko, and file any feature requests
+or bugfixes over on [Paramiko's
-We hope to clean up the presentation and documentation in the near future, as
-more bugfixes and API additions are rolled out. We also plan to absorb some of
-the higher profile bugs/issues from the Paramiko Github repository.
-Thank you for your patience!
+We apologize for the inconvenience of switching dependencies around; it was the
+least crummy option open to us. [The
+(including comments!) explains the history and decision making in greater

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