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Electronic lock connected via wireless (Wi-Fi) and MQTT using MsgFlo. The lock is intended to enforce 'checking out' and 'checking in' portable tools in a shared workshop environment.

It makes it possible to:

  • Know whether a tool is currently in its station
  • Checking for neccesary safety course before allowing usage
  • Holding people responsible when equipment is not get returned or broken

First funtional prototype

Each lock has a key with a matching key pattern. The key is physically attached to the tool using a wire. An optical sensor detects that the right key is used. IR leds normally light through, only a matching key will fully block light.

Key & lock geometry

The key and lock can be CNC-milled, lasercut or 3d-printed.


Proof of concept

  • July 2017: Functional prototype was built during 2-day hackathon
  • First production version planned for October 2017

Bill of Materials

Google Doc

  • Microcontroller - ESP8266 or similar. We used a Wemos D1 board.
  • actuator - we used a solenoid that is rated for 12V (it actually actuates at about 7V, but slowly), it draws about 0.3 - 0.7 A. Alternatives: 1 2
  • mosfet - we used a IPP055N03L
  • resistor - a 10k ohm resistor for pulldown on the control signal
  • power supply - a 12V DC power supply for the actuator / solenoid
  • IR led 0805, 120deg. Kingbright kp-2012f3c
  • IR phototransistor 0805, 120 deg. Kingbright kp-2012p3c

Setup firmware

  • Install Arduino libraries PubsubClient and Msgflo
  • Setup wifi connection: Add a file Config.h defining parameters WIFI_SSID and WIFI_PASSWORD
  • Configure MQTT details in the sketch


v1.0: First fabricated version

  • Electronics: Switch to a standard transmissive detector, PCB mounted.
  • Mechanics: Update to vertical PCB orientation, check connections
  • Produce initial 4 locks
  • Mechanics: Add a casing/box for 4-8 locks. Securely wall/table mountable.



Made by

einsmein, tingox and jonnor

State machine

State machine diagram


Developed in KiCAD. Schemantic used for first protototype


Developed in FreeCAD. Lock model

SIG: gnd+in PWR: 12v+gnd OUT: 12v+out

IN GND 12v 12v OUT