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Android Docker image, based on the Bitrise Base Docker image ( / bitriseio/docker-bitrise-base ), and extends it with pre-installed Android SDK tools/setup.

This docker image is pre-cached on the related Virtual Machines.

If you'd like to add a tool to be pre-installed you can create a Pull Request, adding your changes to the Dockerfile of this repository. Please also add a related test/report to the file, which is used to test & list the pre-installed tools.

When a new version of this stack is available on we'll run and post the result into the GitHub repository, under the system_reports folder. The script can be run with docker-compose locally too, with: docker-compose run --rm app bash

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docker-compose template

A docker-compose.yml is also included, configured for quick testing.

To build the image with docker-compose all you have to do is: docker-compose build

Then to run bitrise --version in the container: docker-compose run --rm app bitrise --version

To log into an interactive bash shell inside the container just run: docker-compose run --rm app /bin/bash - when you want to exit just run exit inside the container.

For convenience / experimenting the ./_tmp folder (which is in .gitignore) will be shared to /bitrise/tmp, to make it easy for you to share files with the container.

Every time you change your Dockerfile you'll have to run docker-compose build again, so your next docker-compose run will run in the environment you specify in the Dockerfile.


ARCHIVE: This repository is sunsetted. The new image's repository will be made available later. | Android Docker image








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