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Bitrise StepLib

You can find the collection of all Bitrise integrations in this repository under /steps.


If you find something missing from the steps, you can drop us an issue, or create your own step. See our example for creating & sharing a new step under /step-template.


One PR should contain only one file (except the icon), and one change.

We require to create a new PR after addressing review concerns. This is needed to guarantee that the last (correct) tag/version of the step source repository is referenced.

One PR should contain only one step.

Install Bitrise CLI

Install the Bitrise CLI to run bitrise on your machine locally.

You can install it via Homebrew:

brew update && brew install bitrise

Or check the latest release with instructions at:

Share your step

After implementing your own step, you can share it with other Bitrisers using this StepLib via stepman.

If you are ready, just run stepman share and follow the instructions.

Follow @bitrise on Twitter for #status and step updates 🚀.

Abandoned Step policy

We try to keep this Step Library up-to-date and active. Steps shared in this collection have to be actively maintained to receive fixes / updates when required (e.g. security issue fixes or general usability fixes).

If you're a Step maintainer you're not required to accept every Pull Request sent to your Step but you should be reachable within a reasonable timeframe. If we try to contact you several times regarding an important fix/update in your Step and you refuse to answer for several weeks we might deprecate, remove or replace your Step in the collection. Abandoned Steps can be a threat for those who use it, please keep this in mind if you decide to share your Step with others!

If you shared a Step but you're no longer able to or you don't want to maintain it please create a GitHub issue in this repository (

If you're a user of a Step which has critical (security or functionality) issues please create a ticket in the Step's Issue Tracker (every Step declares the preferred way of reporting issues with the support_url attribute - see) first. If you don't get a response from the Step's maintainer for an extended period (reasonably, in general, for more than a couple of weeks) please create a GitHub issue in this repository ( and we'll try to resolve the issue, following the Abandoned Step policy. Please be patient and keep in mind that everyone who contribute to this collection does that with an intention to help You by providing a Step for you to use, don't be rude to Step maintainers!