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Fun and simple development automation

Slack channel

The purpose of this repository is to keep track of the most important public repositories related to

If you want to suggest a new feature, you can submit it and vote on others' on, or if you want to chat with us and the Bitrise Community you can join or Slack at Follow @bitrise on Twitter for #status and step updates 🚀.

Report an issue / bug

If you want to report an issue you can do that by creating a GitHub issue in the related repository.

  1. If it's related to a specific Step, you should report it on the Step's GitHub page.
  2. If it's a build issue, please report it at:
  3. If it's related to the Bitrise CLI you can do that on the Bitrise CLI's GitHub page.
  4. If you want to share private information with us, please contact us through email or through the on-site chat on (You have to be logged in to see the chat icon at the bottom right corner. Note: some Ad Blockers might block the chat widget).

Contribution to Bitrise (stack, tools & steps)

If you want to collaborate with us creating useful automation tools and steps please go to the contrib repository and follow the guides. You can keep track of others' projects there as well.

Our build steps collection

We maintain a library of Bitrise build steps, featuring all the integrations we deploy to


A step is a script with a corresponding yml that conforms to the formatting and naming conventions of the StepLib.

You can find all our steps' ymls under /steps.

The repositories of the steps which we maintain and provide support for can be found by searching for steps- in our bitrise-io GitHub organization, the newer ones in the bitrise-steplib GitHub organization, and the ones we maintain with the community in the bitrise-community GitHub organization.

We have most of our scripts written in Go and bash, but it's possible to write it in any language our machines have installed, like Ruby or Node.js.

You can create a StepLib independently from Bitrise anytime, you will be able to use our CLI tools to maintain it, they are not tied to our StepLib.

Bitrise CLI tools

Check out our CLI's page for a nice intro about why is it helpful to have Bitrise installed on your machine.


The runner itself, you can install it to your machine with Homebrew:

brew update && brew install bitrise

Or curl down the latest version with the help of our guide on the releases page.


envman is our handy environment variable manager for switching between environment sets quick & easy.


stepman is our solution to manage decentralized StepLib step (script) collections.

You will run into stepman directly most probably when you are sharing your own step to a StepLib.

We have a collection of useful tools under the bitrise-io account. Not all of them part of the Bitrise CLI family, but are connected to our technology.

All Bitrise CLI tools are written in Go.



We are working with vSphere, Ansible and vagrant to virtualize, bootstrap and fire up the OS X build machines for builds on

You can find all of our bootstrap scripts on the OS X bootstrap GitHub page.


We have a base image and an Android version with pre-installed tools for Android builds.

When a new version of a stack is available there will be a system report generated under the system_reports folder of this repository.

Request a tool to be pre-installed on a build machine

  • For OS X you can create an issue or pull request at osx-box-bootstrap
  • For our Docker based stack you can create an issue or pull request at:
    • bitrise-base, for generic tools and configurations (which are not related to Android)
    • android, for Android related tools and configurations

List of official Bitrise organizations on GitHub

Aggregated Issue and Pull Request lists

Aggregated Issue and Pull Request lists, related to the Bitrise CLI tools, stacks and official steps (You have to be logged in on GitHub to be able to access the aggregated lists / searches):

Sample Apps

Check out our sample app repositories.




React Native

Or simply search our GitHub account page for sample- to see all of our sample projects.

Feel free to fork and test them on or locally with the Bitrise CLI.

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